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Ways to Make Phone Calls from Vacation Rentals South Beach

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Telephone policies range from vacation rental to vacation rental in South Beach. Vacation rentals may allow local phone calls; domestic calls or international calls and some may charge a fee for local calls. Avoid any surprise charges (roaming or extra fees) on your bill at checkout with any of the methods below.

Bring your own cell phone
This is always an option, though probably not the most economical.

Prepaid phone
Purchase a local cell phone that you may reload with call time.

Call via computer
•    Skype
Make calls to other computers for free. Phone calls to phone lines cost a small fee.
•    MagicJack
Call anywhere in the US or Canada for free with Magicjack. Magicjack connects to the internet from a computer.
•    Video Communication via Gmail
Gmail users can video conference other Gmail users for free.

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