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Vacation Rentals Reviews and Client Testimonials of Miami Habitat

At Miami Habitat, we judge our success by the satisfaction and happiness of our clients. Find here a list of Vacation Rentals Reviews and Client Testimonials about Miami Habitat’s service.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      Sabrina - 2014-05-13

      Great location, good customer service, very pleasant experience!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      Katrina - 2014-04-23

      The property manager was very friendly and helpful. He accomodated all of our requests. Felt like we could have asked him for any assistance, etc. Great property manager

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      William - 2012-01-25
      I must admit, I didn’t spend much of my time hanging out in the rental but it was close to everywhere I wanted to go in South Beach and it was a comfortable place to lay my head down at night.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      Jeffrey - 2012-01-20
      I liked the privacy in my unit. It almost felt like I was home. I loved having my own kitchen there and a full-size apartment.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      Ricky - 2012-01-13
      I had a good time on my vacation. The unit was spacious and had really attractive décor. It was also equipped with everything I might need. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      The Fuentes Family - 2012-01-11
      No complaints. I really like the unit I stayed in. It was really nice and better than I expected for the price. I would recommend it.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#3
      Ken & Sylvianne Roberts - 2013-02-17
      “Our stay was very good. No problems and very easy.”
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Patricia Vena - 2013-02-19
      My vacation in Miami went very well! The property was good and clean and the staff very friendly. I enjoyed booking the property with you and will most likely book again on my next trip to Miami.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Victoria Dunn - 2012-01-30
      I loved Miami and I loved my unit. Everything was clean and neat and ready for me.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Vicky Guzman - 2012-01-29
      The unit I stayed in was beautiful and it also was ready for living. It had everything we could have needed.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Catherine J. - 2012-01-28
      People were really friendly and helpful. Good experience.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Johnathan - 2012-01-18
      Our trip was really comfortable and pretty. Definitely plan to go back!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Alina Stam - 2013-11-12
      Excellent! I will definitely be back.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#4
      Mr Guth - 2013-05-29
      “Well organized company!”
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Jorge - 2014-05-16

      Really good service from the property manager and the staff

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Martin - 2014-05-15

      Apartment very pleasant and well located

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Tiffany - 2012-01-14
      I walked everywhere from the Courtyard. It’s in a very convenient location. Plus, it’s really pretty and modernly decorated.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Ken - 2012-01-11
      Awesome vacation rentals! I had a blast. I definitely recommend the Courtyard for a comfortable, stress-free vacation.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Danny T. - 2012-01-11
      Nice place. Wish there was some catering staff around. Instead, I went to many of the nearby restaurants.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Jessica T. - 2012-01-10
      This is close to a lot of GREAT restaurants. I loved going out to dinner but I also liked the option of cooking at home for myself in the kitchen if I wanted to save a little bit of money.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#1
      Jackie Khalilieh - 2013-07-10
      Very friendly service, clean, confortable and cozy
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Esteban Casares, Argentina - 2013-01-18
      The staff was very friendly and attentive throughout the booking process and during the time we stayed, especially Pablo and Lorena. The description on the internet fit exactly the property and the unit was in very good condition. We had some problems with the parking permit and the WiFi but everything was resolved very quickly by the staff. We forgot some books in the unit but thanks to the staff, we retrieved them and they were send back to us. Everything went very well and the location of the unit was just perfect. Thank you!!!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Justin Bon - 2012-01-30
      The room had a really cool and contemporary look. I loved hanging out inside but it was also great to get out and just walk to Lincoln Road.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Katrina and Jake - 2012-01-12
      The unit was right in the center of everything. I would have liked if it was closer to the beach more than anything else but the distance was not bad.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Ernesto Londoño - 2013-01-08

      Excellent costumer service and the property manager were really nice. The location was superb and the apartment was comfortable.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Carmen Aerabedian - 2013-11-05

      Thank you for your perfect and professional service we get for our reservation.
      For sure we will be back to you for future reservation.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#1
      Kenny Gerard - 2013-08-11

      « Overall we had a pleasant stay, there wasn’t too much to ask for since everything went fine. »

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Lisa Edelman, Bronx - NY - 2013-01-18
      Thank you for helping us having such wonderful holidays. Our condo at the Courtyard was just amazing and really fit what we were looking for. Why would we go back to an hostel after experiencing something like this? We couldn’t have asked for more! Everything was just perfect and the staff was so friendly and helpful. Definitely, next time we’re going on holiday we will book through you guys and bring along my friends and family.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Natasha and Peter - 2012-01-28
      It was good. Relatively close to everything in South Beach!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Charlotte and Manny - 2012-01-27
      I felt like I was in my own apartment. I loved it!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Gavin - 2012-01-26
      The unit gave me a very independent feeling. It was my favorite place to stay yet.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Crystal Martin - 2013-03-17

      This was our first time in Miami we were trilled with this condo, especially the location. It’s the perfect little walk to the beach, restaurants, shopping, Nightlife and anything else you could hope to do in South Beach.

      We had plenty of space for four of us, loved having the kitchen to cook once in a while since it can be pricey to eat out.

      We specially love it the proximity to Lincoln road great places to eat and shop. Espanola way was another one of our favorite spots.

      We are here definitely impressed with this space, The Courtyard of the building is adorable and inviting, we were so excited to be staying here.

      Thank you for this great space and Hospitality!

      Asya, Crystal, Dorothy , Caiva
      Chicago, IL

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#7
      Runkje Attoh-Baidos - 2013-10-17
      We had a very pleasant stay and we will definitely recommend.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      Jorge Sanhueza - 2013-01-18
      We had a good stay in Miami and we were satisfied with our property. The unit could have been cleaner and in better condition but we had what has been told and showed on the Internet. I think we would book through you again if we are coming back to Miami.

      All related to WiFi,TV,VCR and Air conditioned must be chek before and someone must teach to the client how to use at the arrival of the client.

      In our case we arrive during the weekend and nobody help us in the solution.

      The solution arrive the third day.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      Marie - 2012-02-02
      My husband and I had a great vacation with plenty of privacy and extra room. The spaciousness felt luxurious.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      Jeff and Martha - 2012-02-02
      Great look and great location. I loved eating at the restaurants around the property!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      The Trelleys - 2012-01-27
      My unit was perfect for my Miami vacation. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was a perfect compliment to my trip!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      Adriana - 2012-01-24
      The apartment had a very cozy feel and look to it. The actual unit looked, old but nicely kept and decorated with modern furniture.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#7
      Brad J. - 2012-01-02
      My unit was cute. It was a nice stay but nothing extraordinary. I thought it was in the perfect location, though.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Wajida - 2014-05-14

      Very nice, great service

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Maria Cunningham - 2012-01-28
      Comfortable lodging and the neighborhood seems safe and family friendly. My only problem was that I rented a car and had some difficulty finding parking.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Joan Peters - 2012-01-22
      Great unit. It was very spacious. Cute little outdoor area. The entire family enjoyed it and slept comfortably.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Tom J. - 2012-01-19
      Right in the middle of all there is to do in South Beach, yet peaceful and quiet.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Lopez Family - 2012-01-18
      It was a nice stay. Cute place. Nothing too luxurious but charming.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#8
      Kingsley Mobolag Ayodele - 2013-06-17
      Our stay have been excellent, thank you for the quality of service.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Mathew - 2014-05-23

      Very pleased, we'll come back

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Kevin - 2014-03-07

      Le property manager was very friendly, helpful and nice

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Lilly L. - 2012-02-02
      My trip to Miami couldn’t have been any better. I had everything I needed from my unit and I was close to everywhere I wanted to go!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      James R. - 2012-02-02
      I loved Miami! I loved the Courtyard! I loved Lincoln Road!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Charles - 2012-02-01
      I loved the central location of the Courtyard. Everything was neatly set up in the unit and there were plenty of daily necessities such as bed sheets. We felt really independent and at home.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Gus and Julie - 2012-02-01
      I strongly recommend a stay at the Courtyard. Aside from being comfortable, the unit was so well decorated. I could barely believe that unit was for me!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Albert and Veronica - 2012-01-30
      We had a great time in Miami. We even made friends with some neighbors at the Courtyard!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Martha and Robert - 2012-01-28
      The unit was beautiful and very comfortable. All of the “places to be” in South Beach were near by.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Alex and Jennifer - 2012-01-28
      I am really impressed with vacation rentals. I have always stayed in hotels but this vacation offered everything that a hotel offers, plus privacy! Great new experience!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      The Fernandez Family - 2012-01-24
      The courtyard was very homey and cozy. I wish there were more towels but I really liked that it was a very private and personal stay.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      The Newman Family - 2012-01-22

      I loved staying at the Courtyard! The room was so much bigger than a hotel room and much cozier.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#6
      Francois Pujos - 2013-11-17
      Everything has been fine and ok from booking to check out.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      Leslie - 2014-05-24

      The guys who worked here were very friendly

    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      Eric - 2014-04-03

      Great appartment!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      Adriana - 2012-01-30

      The unit was really cool looking. I loved the bathroom!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      The Trolleruds - 2012-01-30
      Really cute little place. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, the space and the look because it was affordable.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      Lourdes - 2012-01-30
      These rentals are in a great location and the units and the property are attractive and kept clean and looking new. There are also a lot of great restaurants and stores nearby.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      C. Lisetti - 2013-05-17
      “I am recommending Miami Habitat to all my friends. Very good services”
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#6
      Colin Gorvett - 2013-11-30

      “Great location and spacious accommodation. Super service from employees. Thank you!”

    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Konrad - 2014-04-28

      The property manager is very good. He's always here to answer you or to help you. Very kindly!!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Diane - 2014-03-14


    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Fatema Alhaddad - 2013-02-14
      The property we booked with Miami Habitat was excellent and we didn't experience any problems at all. The unit was what we expected and was in good condition. Mr. Danial was very helpful, the apartment is not that much clean but in overall every thing went good.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Pedro Alazabar ( Mexico) - 2012-06-22
      All was perfect, a computer in the apartment would have been nice. Team was speaking Spanish and very friendly, I felt home away from home.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Ricky R. - 2012-02-02
      The apartment is very cool and comfortable. I recommend it to anyone.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Jacklyn - 2012-01-22
      My friends and I stayed here for my birthday last year and I had the best time in Miami. We had plenty of room and plenty of nightlife options.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Pablo - 2012-01-17

      The Courtyard is definitely the place to stay when visiting Miami. These apartments will be my first choice for future trips to Miami. So much better than a hotel!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Jessica Martin - 2012-01-16
      I loved walking to everything from my apartment. I felt like I was in a totally different country. The nearby Española Way and its ethnic restaurants also added to that feeling.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1536#2
      Andrea Thomas - 2012-01-12
      This is my second time staying at the Courtyard and I don’t plan on it being my last. I loved it even more than the first time. They have such a cool look and the neighborhood is great.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540# 4
      Gareth Williams - London - 2013-03-10
      A lovely stay, thanks guys. The flat at the courtyard was in very good condition, clean and we we're statisfied with it.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540# 4
      Gilda Hernandez - 2012-02-03
      Incredible!!! I didn't know anything about vacation rentals, but I found them a very good option for people traveling on a budget. I will recommend this to my friends. I very good experience. Thank you for your services! 
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540# 4
      Luz Omaña - 2012-01-15
      Charming apartment, friendly staff and unbeatable location. I plan to come back next year.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540# 4
      Maria Cardozo - 2013-09-30
      The apartment was beautiful. Very accurate description and pictures in the website. Thank you!!!
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540# 4
      Gavy Sanchez - 2013-08-01
      We have a great summer in Miami. We enjoy the beach every day since we were really close to it. Great location! close enough to restaurants, entertainment and bars.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      Alli - 2014-05-06


    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      John - 2014-04-24

      The property manager was very helpfull with all things we needed, very professional and courteous definitely loved staying service was great

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      Matthew T. - 2012-02-02

      I stayed here alone during my business trip and I was pleased to find friendly neighbors and security. The neighborhood is close to all of the “happening” stuff, but quiet and peaceful, nonetheless.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      Janice - 2012-01-20
      My vacation in Miami went very smoothly and was constantly eventful thanks to the proximity of several bars, clubs and restaurants.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      Felix J. - 2012-01-20
      The Courtyard provides all of the necessities for your day to day. You do not have to ask front desk for anything. You have everything you need.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      The Sam Family - 2012-01-14
      The rentals on this property give you great access to so many restaurants and art galleries. I loved this area. It’s the perfect place to stay when you visit Miami Beach.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1540#2
      Michelle - 2012-01-13
      I recently visited Miami for the first time and stayed in a vacation rental for my first time. Judging by how smoothly and perfectly my vacation unfolded, I’m not sure that future vacations will measure up.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#5
      Tran - 2014-03-12

      Thanks for everything

    • Courtyard Unit: 1538#5
      Mr. Baker - 2013-01-18
      All were generally pleasant and hope to rent again next year, same time. The staff in the office & property manager were outstanding and very attentive, especially Pablo, Daniel, and Lorena. The property is lovely, very comfortable, and roomy. We did not call for any problems but left a detailed list of minor inconveniences and/or problems.

      My son, who was one of the 6 people staying on the property, left a detailed list of repairs needed, none of them serious but more of a nuisance and/or inconvenience (some jets in master bath not working, some hinges in kitchen loose and/or broken, patio furniture old & stayed, patio chairs needed cushions, buzzer on dryer never stopped buzzing). We considered them minor but too many to be left unattended to for the future or for the price.
    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#5
      Hans Montag - 2013-01-18

      We stayed at the Courtyard where we had wonderful experience. The website was easy to found and to use. The booking of the condo was made easily and we had an excellent experience. The condo looked exactly the way it was described on the website. The place was clean and in very good condition. We were really satisfied with the condo. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the service was excellent. We did have some problems and we were satisfied by the way it was resolved

      Parking permit was missing but provided right away when mentioned. Bikes weren't working but got repaired after some prodding. However, the balcony furniture was missing and there was no rod in the closet, neither of which was resolved at all. So we could neither sit on the balcony nor hang our clothes, which was a little annoying.

      We would definitely recommend Miami Habitat to our family and friends. Next time we come to Miami, we are definitely renting through this website again.

    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#8
      Arabella - 2014-05-16

      Thank you for everything!

    • Courtyard Unit: 1542#8
      Paul Dalbec ( Canada) - 2012-12-10
      First time that I stayed in a holiday rental, it was a great experience living like a Floridian. The TV was a bit small and old, but great agency very responsive to our needs.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Erica - 2014-06-03

      We liked the house, the position (perfect for everything)

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Sam Jefferson - 2012-03-07
      I would like to thank Jesica and the entire Miami Habitat staff for making my spring break trip so enjoyable. The location to south beath area was perfect only about a five minute walk, adjacent to a nice restaurant, and the neighborhood was peaceful. The condo it's self was amazing, huge bedroom, bathroom was clean and spacious, and the living room space was nice. the kitchen was a lil small but we didn't spend much time there. I want to thank you guys again and I will be back!!
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Mark - 2012-01-29
      I loved that the Hispaniola House was within walking distance to the beach. Plus, the unit was very nice.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Sonia - 2013-08-05

      We had to call the property manager to get the keys of the apartment when we arrived. He showed us the place and was very friendly with us. The apartment was basic but nice with clean towels and bed sheets however the kitchen was a little small but well equipped. It was very close to Lincoln Road and the beach.

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Tad Greenleaf - 2013-03-17

      I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your help in renting from Miami Lodge, We had an absolutely fantastic week, and the place was amazing (especially the location!) I’d highly recommend you guys to anyone looking to stay in the Miami area.
      Thank you so much!

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Jennifer - 2013-12-03

      The apartment was clean and comfortable. I was working at the Convention Center and I could easily walk to it so it was very convenient for my needs. More towels at the apartment would have been great. I’d definitely come back next year.

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 1
      Dam Lang - 2013-11-17
      Awesome stay, will definitely come back.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Ruben - 2014-05-08

      The situation of the appartment is perfect, we liked our holidays here

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Anita - 2014-04-25

      The stay was great, we liked the walking distance to stores, restaurants…etc

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Donald - 2014-04-22

      Enjoyed our stay

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Lee - 2014-03-20

      Great experience and we will be back next year

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Janet - 2012-02-02
      Our unit was very roomy and homey. It was great! Plus, you are close to so many things to do in South Beach.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Tara - 2012-02-02
      We were just a few blocks from the beach…which is the entire reason we visited Miami. Aside from the proximity, the apartment was very spacious and clean.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Melanie B. - 2012-01-24
      I really like the décor in this old unit. Everything is very modern and the actual space looks like new.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Lorena Arago - 2013-12-15

      The service was excellent. Great location! The apartment was in good condition.

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      John Wong - 2013-08-21
      “Thank you for everything. Excellent experience.”
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 2
      Veronica Holguin - 2013-11-17

      Our stay was very good and when we had questions or needed assistance everyone was extremely helpful and available. I would certainly book through Miami Habitat again!

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      David - 2014-02-18

      Lovely place



    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      Rüters Erich - 2013-01-18
      We had a nice stay but the furniture especially in the living area was completely worn out. Miami Habitat should monitor and see by themselves the nature and quality of the building to recommend a price for the rental on that basis.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      Hilda Perdomo - 2012-02-03
      Without any problems! Even when I was a little scared since this was my first time in a vacation rental, I must admit everything was easy and liked the property very much.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      Natacha Ruiz - 2012-01-04
      We stay here for New Year's Eve and it was fantastic! We were able to jump from club to club and be home safe.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      Luis Castro - 2013-12-12
      Great location, friendly staff, and very good value.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 3
      Fabiola Lopez - 2013-10-15
      This was my third time with Miami Habitat. As always, I don't have major complains. Everytime, I choose a different property. This one was great because it is really close to Española Way.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Dana - 2014-04-03

      Service was great!


    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Clare - 2012-01-23
      The condo had a very modern feel and we were able to walk to great nightclubs in the evenings. No parking hassle!
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Samantha - 2012-01-09
      I liked the opportunity to prepare meals for my family at the actual condo. It saved us some extra money. Dining in South Beach can get pricey.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Hector and Tiffany - 2012-01-03
      The apartment felt like a home. I didn’t expect all the extra space for the price we paid. Aside from that, we got some bikes to ride around South Beach which were really convenient.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Rita Lee - 2013-08-22
      “Thank you for everything! I will probably rebook with you.”
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Lorew Arago - 2013-12-20
      The service was excellent and the treatment, as well. The property is very well located and maintained.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 4
      Antonio Edez - Roces - 2013-11-21

      We liked very much and spent a wonderful vacation. The apartment is spacious and comfortable. We will come back!

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      Amanda - 2014-05-31

      I would definitely come back. Everything was perfect!

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      Thierry Mougeot ( Paris) - 2012-02-09
      I called several companies, they seemed on the phone to be the most serious and they were. Not a problem, it was very affordable. The kitchen could have been a bit bigger.

      The apartement was really pleasant,I called several companies, they seemed on the phone to be the most serious and they were. Not a problem, it was very affordable. The kitchen could have been a bit bigger.

      The apartement was really pleasant, the location was super close to everything. Loved it. the location was super close to everything. Loved it.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      The Tamargo Family - 2012-02-02
      My stay in Hispaniola House put the final touches on my trip to Miami. It was very convenient and comfortable.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      Valerie - 2012-02-01
      I liked the unit. It was exactly what its description said it would be.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      The Peralta Family - 2012-01-08
      There is so much to do when you stay at the Hispaniola House. You can walk to a variety of different restaurants, bars or the actual beach.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      Kim - 2012-01-04
      It was very homey and comfortable. I would have liked more personnel assistance.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 5
      Marco Buonocore - 2013-11-07
      “The service was very good. We have find very nice employees and we appreciated their professionalism. Thank you.”
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Drissi - 2014-05-06

      Lovely apartment and really well located in the Heart of the Art deco distric

    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Erika - 2012-01-07
      We walked to the beach everyday and were happy to come home to something that is large enough to fit everyone comfortably.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Lisa - 2012-01-07
      I don’t want to stay in hotels anymore!
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Omar - 2012-01-06
      This apartment made my time in Miami even better and exactly as I had ideally pictured it.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Tammy - 2012-01-05
      During my first trip to Miami, my friends and I stayed here and it was really nice. Unfortunately, we had some noisy neighbors one night. Aside from that, the unit was actually really clean and roomy.
    • Hispaniola House Unit: 6
      Douglas Spruill - 2013-05-20
      “Great stay. We will stay again!!!”
    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      Patricia - 2014-05-29

      Everything was great!

    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      Carmen - 2012-02-02

      This unit was really cute and well-equipped.

    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      Ron - 2012-01-30

      This is the best location on South Beach! Not only is it near all the nightlife but it is right on the beach! Awesome!

    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      A. - 2013-02-28


      I stayed at a condo in the Shelborne during the International Boat Week during Feb. Not only is Miami over crowded because of the boat show, but it is also a prime time for families to visit FL during mid-winter break. I was there for business and it was a last minute trip. I searched for DAYS to find a hotel that was decent and not in a bad area (I stayed in N Miami previously and felt that it was not to safe). Because it is the busiest time of the year most hotels were either sold out or over $300 a night. I then decided to search for a condo rental. I found the cutest studio that was located in the historic Shelborne Hotel. Not only is it in the Art Deco area of South Beach, it is right on the Beach. It was two blocks from Lincoln Road Market, two block from the Miami convention center, 4 blocks from Espanola Way, and the hotel has a bar that is open virtually around the clock. The condo itself had a mini fridge, stove top, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, bath towels/supplies, cable TV, stereo, and dinner ware. The unit was spotless during check in and it was also very spacious. Although we were not "hotel guests" we were able to use the fitness area (it had a great view from the 17th floor!), pool/hot tub, and concierge. They only hotel amenities that were not available were maid service and parking (there was a $10/day lot two blocks away). The best part of the condo was that it was only about $200 a night. During the off season, I think it was a bit cheaper. The pool area is great and the hotel is right on the beach, too, and has volley ball courts. Poolside, there is a restaurant and bar, as well as towel service. The staff of the hotel treats you as if you are a hotel guest. I rented the condo thru a company called Miami Lodge. They were very helpful, very accommodating and very personable. They also have many other great places (apartments, houses and villas) in the Miami area, right in the heart of South Beach. I will always be staying with them while in Miami!

    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      Patricia - 2013-01-01
      The location was perfect right on the beach and walking distance to clubs and bars. It was a great choice to celebrate New Years in Miami. We really had a great time at this apartment and we definitely recommend it!
    • Shelborne Unit: 1114
      N/A - 2013-06-17
      Best place to stay in South Beach, will highly recommend your company.
    • Shelborne Unit: 524
      John and Barb Otis, St Louis - 2013-01-18
      We would to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in Miami. Everything was excellent. We stayed in the Shellborne unit and it was exactly what we were hoping for.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 421
      Dwyteo - 2014-05-09

      Everything was perfect, we will be back next time

    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 421
      Christian - 2014-04-28

      Excellent service, the customer service and the property manager were great


    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 421
      Jhon Green ( New York) - 2012-01-25
      Cute 1 bedroom flat, everything was perfect. The agency and its associates were really professional. I will come back.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Daniel Larsson - 2013-02-23
      We find our studio very good. We were really satisfied with it and it had everything we needed. It could have been maybe cleaner but we really liked it. We didn't hadn't any problem at all.

      It is certain that we will book with you again in the future!
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Family Leighton - 2013-01-18
      We spent nice holidays staying in your apartment rental. We thank the staff for its attention to our needs. Please, a bidet in the bathroom would be appreciated.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Karen - 2012-02-02
      The apartment was small but charming. It was well-equipped too.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Shannon T. - 2012-01-27
      The studio was affordable, close to the beach and really nicely decorated.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Dax and family - 2012-01-22

      The unit was really close to the beach. We walked there every day of our stay!

    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Manolo - 2013-04-10
      The apartment was small but it had everything you expect for your vacation. A short walk to the beach and the entertainment to South Beach makes it very convenient for the great price we got. This apartment is ideally for only one person or a couple.
    • The Mantell Tower Unit: 234
      Jessica Townsend - 2013-10-17
      “Fantastic apartment and very good vacations.”
    • Colonial Villa
      Sheena - 2014-05-29

      We have had a nice experience

    • Colonial Villa
      Art - 2014-02-28

      The property manager was great and very helpful

    • Colonial Villa
      Andrei Rovalev - 2013-02-01
      Thank you for such a nice  vacation!
    • Colonial Villa
      Ricardo Graells - 2013-01-15
      Excellent location! A very good house with security. Costumer service was also good. We did not experience any difficulty and enjoy our vacations. Thank you!
    • Colonial Villa
      Steve Honeysett - 2013-03-01
      Thank for such a nice service!
    • Colonial Villa
      Guido Nile - 2013-11-29
      Our vacations were more enjoyable thanks to your agency!
    • Colonial Villa
      Chad Brooks - 2013-05-01
      Thank you for the exceptional service!
    • Tropical Villa
      Lea - 2014-01-21

      Nice holiday! Nice house!

    • Tropical Villa
      Franceschi Audrey - 2013-01-18

      I just had the most wonderful holidays in Miami and it has to be related to my villa rental. Everything was just perfect and exactly the way I was hoping for. If I could just make one suggestion is that the villa was clean but it could use a deeper cleaning. Apart from that, everything was just perfect. From the start, when I searched for a villa to rent in Miami: the website was very easy to use and giving me all the information I was looking for. The staff was incredibly helpful and friendly from the booking to the check out. If I come back to Miami, I’ll definitely book through you again.

    • Tropical Villa
      Joel Gomez Avila - 2013-04-27
      With certainty, I will book again with Miami Habitat! The property and the service were superb. I will suggest it to my friends. Thank you very much!
    • Tropical Villa
      Joe Koller - 2013-03-11
      We really loved our stay. The villa is very pretty and is located in a calm district. Everyone would have liked to stay a little longer.
    • Tropical Villa
      Federico Lozaro Lecumborn - 2013-01-30

      Excellent service and house. I will recommend it with relatives and friends. Thank you!

    • Tropical Villa
      Dinesh Raghoebarsing - 2013-01-15
      We liked the house very much and the employees were really nice. We will pass this information to our relatives and friends.
    • Tropical Villa
      Faber Rens - 2013-07-17

      Attention and quality of the house was very good. We really appreciate the confort and the good equipement of the house.
      Thank you

    • Roney Palace Unit: 144
      Mr. Schmith - 2013-01-18
      I visited two different apartments and compared to Ocean Place, Roney was much much better. Good Luck ! and hope to come back again on spring 2013. Best Regards.
    • Roney Palace Unit: 1008
      Steve Riley - 2013-04-17
      Our vacation condo was very good overall and the Staff was great, especially Juan which was very helpful. We will for sure recommend to our friends and family and hopefully book another trip soon. Thank you Miami Habitat!
    • Roney Palace Unit: 1008
      Nima Khorassani - 2013-02-17
      “It was a good experience that I would probably recommend to my friends”
    • Villa Oasis
      Majid - 2014-05-23

      Thanks for everything, we did enjoy our stay

    • Villa Oasis
      Zuber, Germany - 2013-01-18
      Thank you! Was a nice staying in Miami! Nice people, nice place! We will come back!
    • Villa Oasis
      Lucy Naslenas - 2013-12-05
      Thanks a lot! We enjoyed everything! It was excellent.
    • Villa Oasis
      Dinesh Raghoebarsing - 2013-10-17
       We liked everything, we didn’t have any problems, and we certainly we recommend to our friends and family.
    • Villa Oasis
      Giovani - 2013-09-30

      Miamihabitat’s team was great, travelling in September was the best thing, it was such a bargain. The villa on the water was beautiful.
      The weather was hot, we enjoyed a lot. Unbeatable,

    • Villa Oasis
      Thierry - 2013-08-11
      What a nice experience, loved it from A to Z.
    • Villa Oasis
      Clive - 2013-05-27

      We arrived at night in this holiday villa, the rental agent was waiting for us, and very professional he explained the house inside out. The morning was the nice surprise, perfection. The transaction was easy, easy to book, to pay and the deposit was paid back promptly.

    • Villa Oasis
      Juan - 2013-03-22

      We just loved our vacations, pool was great and the house was so comfortable and spacious. We had great barbecues in this charming garden. We saved a ton of money and were more comfortable than in any hotels.

    • Villa Oasis
      Jim - 2013-02-21

      This villa was as described in the website, my family was very happy. The house was impeccable with a nice pool. We loved every moment of it. Miamihabitat’s people were great, always present when needed, especially Juan. They accommodated our needs, we arrived on Sunday afternoon and everything was ready, and Juan waiting for us.

    • Villa Oasis
      Salvador Bascal - 2013-01-30
      Congratulations. Excellent service!
    • Villa Oasis
      Ian Wasti - 2013-11-17
      Thanks for a great visit! It was a very good experience.
    • Villa Oasis
      Morten - 2013-11-10

      The villa was actually better than how it looks online. The swimming pool area was the best stop in the house. The neighborhood was secure and tranquil and easy access to South Beach. I’d have liked to have maid service included but it was ok. We had a great time at this villa.

    • Villa Oasis
      Joe Ross - 2013-10-17
      Very nice house and the staff is very friendly. The property is nicer than on the pictures.
    • Villa Oasis
      A. Uttridge - 2013-07-09
      “Employees are credits to your company. Everything was perfect.”
    • Villa Oasis
      Mr Horstink - 2013-04-15
      “Excellent service by Jessica and Juan. Thanks a lot!”
    • Villa Oasis
      Vagnet - 2013-08-13
      Miami Habitat customer service was really outstanding.
      Daniel was terrific and so gentle.
      Thanks for all!
    • Villa Oasis
      Pitre Joël - 2013-08-11
      Perfect rental!
    • The Absolut Lofts Unit: GL-07
      Sue - 2013-06-22
      I loved it! The apartment was modern and well located. We could walk to the beach and restaurants from the apartment and the area was superb tranquil. They provided me a baby cot for my 9 months old baby. It wasn’t walking distance to Lincoln Rd though but it was a good location.
    • The Absolut Lofts Unit: GL-07
      Peter Faynzilberg - 2013-11-29
      “Very helpful, courteous and responsive employees. Thank you for this wonderful vacation.”
    • Hibiscus Villa
      Doug Mc Cann - 2013-12-12
      Overall an outstanding experience! Thank you
    • Hibiscus Villa
      James Incognito - 2013-09-17
      “Great house and very helpful management! Juan and Jessica were great!”
    • Hibiscus Villa
      Guido Nile - 2013-02-15
      Thanks to your agency, our vacations were more harmonious and enjoyable. Thanks again!
    • La Hacienda
      Adrian - 2014-05-12

      Very good!

    • La Hacienda
      Doug Mc Cann - 2013-12-18
      Thank you for an unforgettable experience!
    • La Hacienda
      Peter Patel - 2013-12-04
      My name is Peter and I booked my accommodation with you early this year when we visited Miami, (as per e mails below) and due to extremely high professional levels of customer service & satisfaction on our, the clients behalf, excellent timely communication & payment plans and of course, the best contact Miami Habitat have to offer, & that’s you Jesica, I have come with a request.

      We are planning a week away once more, but this time in the lively city of LA, California, and was interested if you have any contacts or if you could recommend or even set us up with a value for money villa/apartments/condo’s.

      I understand this may not be possible, but I cannot believe, such a informative young lady as yourself, could not supply me with some information or even get the ball rolling by introducing us to one of your Westcoast contacts.

      Look forward, with so much interest to your reply.

      Kind regards.
    • La Hacienda
      David - 2013-09-14
      This Hacienda was super. We loved every moments, apart from the little issue we got with the bathroom, thanks god Dany was there within the hour to fix it. 
    • La Hacienda
      Mel - 2013-08-21
      Thank you so much for all! Maple is top rated.
    • La Hacienda
      Gianni - 2013-06-10
      We had a wonderful time, next time please have the rain stop.  Dany for your team was an angel always here for us. Grazie
    • La Hacienda
      Clive - 2013-03-30
      Delightful experience, no more hotels in Miami. Too bad you could not offer daily cleaning.
    • La Hacienda
      Cathy, Paul - 2013-02-10
      This home was very comfortable and quiet and provided plenty of space for the 8 of us.  Garden and pool was so pleasant. The house needs more pans, we French people like to cook. Clarisse, merci for your help. We will be back.
    • La Hacienda
      Jim - 2013-01-12
      Christmas was great in this nice house, our group loved it. Jumping from the garden in the boat and cruising Miami water was unbeatable.  As I told Juan the patio furniture was a bit tired, let me know when and if you will change it. I hate to be a pain, but more bath towels would have been great too. Jesica thanks for your patience.
    • La Hacienda
      Jean Phillipe et Sandrine Temme - 2013-08-15
      We want to sincerely thank you for the reception and the quality of the services throughout our holidays.

      The house was beautiful house an in order whit all that you told us.  We appreciate your availability to respond to last minute requests.

      We will book again with your agency for our next vacations.

    • La Hacienda
      Patricia Jordan - 2013-08-15
      I was very satisfied with the villa and the services!
    • La Hacienda
      Denis Sarfati Boulogne - 2013-08-10
      Very nice and irreproachable service. It was perfect!
    • La Hacienda
      A Samos - 2013-08-17
      The house was cozy and the service was good. For sure, we want to come back!
    • The Windsor Unit: 6G
      Richard Charves - 2013-03-03
      “Very easy process and excellent service. Great location and fantastic unit. We will definitely return with Miami Habitat.”
    • Paradise Villa
      Sabrina - 2014-05-21

      Good experience and good reactivity of the staff, we'll come back

    • Paradise Villa
      Estela - 2014-05-06

      Fantastic, Keep up the good work

    • Paradise Villa
      Santino Crr - 2013-11-08
      “It was a very good experience, and the staffs is really very friendly”
    • Paradise Villa
      Rosalie M Moyes - 2013-10-17
      Everything was excellent, we had a great time! Thank you Miami Habitat, for sure we will recommend your services to our friends and family!
    • Paradise Villa
      Laurent - 2013-08-05
      You were right this was better than hotel rooms, we lived the Floridian Life "a la Miami". Thank you, merci again
    • Paradise Villa
      Suzanna - 2013-07-11
      Paradise was terrific; affordable with a lot of space, employees of your company was great all the way.
    • Paradise Villa
      Tom - 2013-05-15
      The villa was very spacious for the four of us, thanks again for the upgrade. Great name for a great villa.  One comment only, at dusk there were mosquitoes you should offer repellent products.
    • Paradise Villa
      Rosalie M - 2013-05-15
      Everything was just divine! We had an incredible vacation. Thank you surely we will come back.
    • Paradise Villa
      Joao - 2013-05-05
      When we arrived to the house we found a basket with water and cookies and a welcome card. The house was big and there was pool/ foosball table and PS games. They even helped me get cleaning service during my stay. Pablo and Daniel were very helpful and friendly. I will come back!
    • Paradise Villa
      Mathew Hogge - 2013-04-17
      I thought the overall the experience renting with Miami Habitat, trough, was very good and I was fully satisfied with everything.
      I most likely will recommend to my friends and family. Thank you!
    • Paradise Villa
      Lydie Obrecht - 2013-04-17
      I felt that the attention of the staff and the property were excellent. I will strongly recommend to my family and friends, and for sure hoping to rebook when I came back to Miami. Thanks Miami Habitat!
    • Paradise Villa
      Michelle Parks - 2013-03-17
      “Very good vacations in this villa. I will probably rebook with you!”
    • Paradise Villa
      Ian Brogan - 2013-03-17
      “Very great time in my stay! The services were excellent.”
    • Paradise Villa
      Jurgen - 2013-02-20
      The paradise home was delightful, well decorated. The overall experience was super good.
    • Paradise Villa
      James Moody - 2013-07-10
      “Service was awesome. We had the time of our lives!”
    • 2080 Ocean Drive. Unit: 906
      Dave Woodman - 2013-01-18
      We had a great stay in Miami. Very clean property very accessible to the clubs, beach etc. There was however an ant infestation that should appropriately handled. Thank you.
    • 2080 Ocean Drive. Unit: D
      Giovanni Merlot ( Italy) - 2012-07-12
      Great team, very helpful. The appartamenti was very comfortable and great quality for the money.
    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Tyrese - 2014-06-04

      Loved the location and property, very nice stay. Thanks

    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Carol - 2014-03-03

      The property manager has been extremely helpful and attentive to our customers needs

    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Victor Roy - 2013-02-19
      I stayed at the Etoile. The whole experience was excellent. The staff was very helpful in every step of preparation and holidays. I was statisfied with the unit: it was clean and in good condition. The shower head was stopped up. I took it apart and fixed. A second TV in the bedroom would be nice. Also a second key to the apartment would be a plus.
    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Krystle - 2012-01-28
      The apartment was adorable. I loved the furnishing, the actual layout and of course, how close it was to everything!
    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Anthony, Melania and Valeriano - 2013-11-10

      Hello Miami Habitat. Thank you very much for everything. We had a very good time, we felt really comfortable in this house. It was like a DREAM for 12 days.
      We hope to be back soon.
      Kind Regards

    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Family Briggeman - 2013-05-10

      We stayed here for two weeks (nice condo, good vacation
      location, and friendly staff). The terrace and the pool are really great. All in the condo was fine. I would like to come back.

    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Vic Elaine Roy - 2013-05-02
      Our second stay here and we just love it. We will be back. Juan and his team are first class.
    • L'étoile Unit: C
      F. - 2013-03-25

      Good location to see all the sites. The apartment was ok. Place is a little sparse of furnishings and bathroom is extremely cramped. Also there were no washcloths and very few towels. We called for some and we never got them. 

    • L'étoile Unit: C
      Ivan Montoya - 2013-07-17

      I can not begin to thank you about the location you provided for us. The weekend could not be more successful. So thank you once again and we are already in the process to plan our next trip back.

    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Valerio - 2014-05-16

      The place was good

    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Stella Maris Ventola, Venezuela - 2013-01-18

      We had a good experience with our unit rental at l’Etoile. The website and the booking process are very effective. The unit is good and it was what we were expecting. Everything went well but the kitchen could have been more equipped. Everyone enjoys a good meal when on holiday.

    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Prateep Balendra, Hoboken – NJ - 2013-01-18
      Good experience in Miami even though the website was quite difficult to use. The booking process in the other end went just perfectly and flawlessly. The staff was very nice and friendly during the whole stay. The condition of the condo could have been much better and the plumbing in the kitchen was backed up. We would definitely book through you again and recommend you to our friends and family.
    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Carey - 2012-02-02
      We were in the center of everything…in a good way. We walked to dinner, the beach and the shopping stores.
    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Bianca - 2012-02-02
      This is the nicest place I have ever stayed in during a vacation. I did not even know they existed. I hope every future vacation was like this one!
    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Lori - 2012-02-01

      This condo was so cute! It was larger than a standard hotel room and it was decorated with really nice style.

    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Family Frieg - 2013-06-19
      We stayed here for two weeks  the  terrace and the pool are really great.  I would like to come back.
    • L'étoile Unit: B
      Gofford - 2013-11-06
      We had a very good stay and we will come again.
    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Dwight - 2014-03-13

      Beautiful property, great location. Friendly and accomodating staff

    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Valentina Cimmaruta - 2013-03-10
      We stayed at l'Etoile. The apartment is old, need some works but the staff was very helpful and friendly.
    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Blaire - 2012-02-01
      I really enjoyed my experience in this condo. It was roomy and very pretty. It was also in the center of all the South Beach action.
    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Deborah - 2012-01-30
      I really liked that I could stay with my whole family in one unit. This was the perfect place for us to stay.
    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Jamie - 2012-01-27
      This was my favorite vacation to Miami yet. I loved this apartment.
    • L'étoile Unit: D
      Isak - 2012-01-15
      Thank you for a very nice holiday in your apartment. We had a very nice holiday in Miami. Thank you for a good service by Miami Habitat. Thanks
    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Suzy - 2014-06-05

      We have spent a very good time, we'll be definitely back here

    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Daniel Larsson - 2013-01-18

      I browsed quite a bit the Internet to find a good rental in Miami Beach. After I found this unit, the booking was incredibly easy to make. The unit was just as we’ve seen it on the Internet and we we’re absolutely satisfied with the property. The condo was very clean and the unit in itself was just perfect. Great unit and great staff! Good combination! We didn’t had any problem during our stay.

      There was free wifi on the property, your info said no about that.

      Thanks from Sweden.

      Next time we come to Miami, we will surely rent through you and we won’t hesitate to recommend it to people we know.

    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Christy - 2012-01-09
      This apartment was awesome! I felt so free and pampered in the condo. It is larger than what I am used to staying in.
    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Marianne and Leo Balle - 2013-02-11

      We have stayed at L’Etoile A from the 3rd to the 11th of February. It has been a very nice experience and we are really satisfied with the apartment. We would also gladly recommend Miami Habitat Company and his employees. They have been helpful and nice. We would like to come back soon!

    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Jamaira E Ross Casiano - 2013-01-21
      The house was excellent. It had everything that was needed! The employees were very nice. Thank you!
    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Jennifer - 2013-10-11

      The agency let us get into the apartment before the regular check in time. The apartment was just what we needed with direct access to the pool. If you are thinking in renting a car then this is your apartment since included in the price we got two parking spots!! We really enjoyed it.

    • L'étoile Unit: A
      Gergely Szabo - 2013-11-17
      Thank you so much, we had an excellent vacation!
    • Tropical Condo Unit: 2
      Bruno Deutsch - 2013-03-15

      The house is in perfect condition to spend a wonderful holiday. My friends will want your contact information.

    • Provence
      Monica - 2014-03-20

      Everything was perfect!

    • Provence
      Carter William - 2013-01-18

      Had a very good experience during our stay at the villa Provence. The website was easy to find and not to difficult to use. Vacation was booked without any problems. The picture and the description reflect the property in a very good way. We were very satisfied with the property and the property was spotless and very clean when we arrived. The condition of the property was okay but overall upgrading and deep cleaning is necessary. Painting, furniture cleaning, etc. could be needed. Would definitely book again with Miami Habitat. If friends are spending vacations in Miami, definitely recommending you to rent a property.

    • Provence
      Andrew Hill - 2013-01-18
      The property in general was excellent, bedrooms and bathrooms are clean and good. Outside of property was poor and not up to expected standards, the table and chairs are unusable and the pool needs cleaning. Happy overall but a few areas need updating. The kitchen needs a few more utensils, knifes, forks etc.
    • Provence
      Santino Crr - 2013-11-25
      It was a very good experience  and the extremely pleasant personnel!
    • Provence
      Mathew Hogge - 2013-08-15
      I believe that booking with Miami Habitat through the website was a great idea. I was completely satisfied with everything. Surely, I will recommend you with my friends and relatives. Thank you!
    • Provence
      Marcos Dragonetti - 2013-12-17
      “Beautiful property and very helpful employees”.
    • Provence
      Claudia Phillips - 2013-10-28
      The property was marvelous and had a very beautiful landscape. I wish I could have staid a little longer.
    • Provence
      Federica Bellodi - 2013-09-30
      We will  definitely book again with you for our next Miami vacations!
    • Flamingo Miami Unit: 293
      Drazen Mikasinovic, Slovakia - 2013-01-18
      We had a rather good experience with our booking at the Flamingo. The property was very clean and that was a major plus. However, we were a little bit disappointed with the staff that was not as friendly as we expected it to be. We would likely book with you again if we are coming back to Miami.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      C. - 2012-10-15

      we did have a wonderful time here in Miami beach
      the apartment is modern , nice and clean.
      especially Daniel, Jessica and Juan from Miami Habitat INC. Being supported was very helpful
      We had a great time at the pool and the beaches ( directly to the ocean drive )
      riding the bicycles was such a fun : you can get to any place of Miami Beach very fast with them ....
      Thanks for all .....

    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      Thierry Farradgi ( France) - 2012-06-30
      Very nice and private building very nice neighbors from allover the world. I recommend Casa Gaby to everybody I will be back next year for sure.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      Maria Camila Awarado - 2012-03-17
      “Thank you! I was very satisfied of my rental choice.”
    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      Silvana Imbrogno - 2012-02-15

      “Fantastic! The apartment was better than advertised. Very clean, spacious and in prime location. Will definitely back again.”

    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      Erik - 2012-02-04

      This was our first time in a vacation rental, this will not be the last, the experience was 100% positive. What value for the money, the apartment was perfect. The only small comment was to access the building the first time could have been easier, “lock Box” at night was not that easy

    • Casa Gaby Unit: A
      Niccola Lovino & Chris Ebbe - 2013-11-01

      Casagaby is oh so great
      great pool great rooms nice staff
      check out Lincoln street for sure
      Bikes were just okay , flat tires!
      We love it here !

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Mourad - 2014-06-01

      Very good conditions and location of the property. I will stay here again

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Pietro - 2014-05-10

      Really nice apartment in the heart of South Beach

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Alison - 2014-04-23

      More shadow by pool in future please. Otherwise we were very happy + so happy to have a pool + to meet other neighbours

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Alex - 2014-03-18

      Great service, helpful and fair. Great experience.

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Gilles Lemay ( Canada) - 2013-01-18
      Leaving Canada during a snow storm and getting to this very Miami building as a blast. Casa Gaby was very affordable and we walked everywhere from this central location.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Pierre - 2012-05-15

      This holiday rental was perfect; we felt like in a Private Villa, the apartment was spacious and very well decorated. The team of the agency was so kind and helpful. The description on the website was 100 % correct. Pool and parking good benefit, very nice garden furniture. It would have been nice to have cleaning every day though.

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      A. - 2012-04-28

      Love this place ! The people associated with the condo have been amazing.
      Check out Oliver s Bistro, 959 West Avenue (take the 10th toward Alton cross over Alton you will see a Starbucks on the left. turn left. Oliver's is there) Absolutely amazing food.
      The News Café... hot spot on Ocean Drive.
      Flamingo Park is beautiful, had a blast there with my daughter. 11th and Michigan.
      Macy is on 17th and Meridian, they give 11% discount to people out of country just show id and you will get a card.
      Pasha's on Lincoln Road has your mediterrean food.
      Check out the South beach Local. A transit bus that costs only 25 cents. You can catch it on west avenue by the starbucks.
      Pool and bikes were awesome. Thanks

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Natalie - 2012-01-20
      My stay at Casa Gaby was great and very convenient. It is pretty much smack in the middle of South Beach.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      Paul - 2012-01-08

      What a nice vacation we spent! Casa Gaby was adorable, immaculate well located. The pool was great, we really felt at home. The staff of Miamihabitat was helpful even though we had nothing to ask. We are booking back for next year. Thanks again.

    • Casa Gaby Unit: C
      B. - 2013-06-04

      Service booking the place and the property manager " Juan" are great, helpful and nice.
      Clean, spacious, and fully equipped.
      South beach is beautiful and clean.
      Check out Collins Avenue at night and ocean Drive.
      Great grocery shopping on Alton and 10th street, Wild Oats.
      Miamitours is a lot of fun . We did the city Boat tour fun, convenient and a great way to see the hot spots in Miami.
      Check out Espanola Way and walk along Collins to 20th , beautiful hotels.
      great time we had by all....

    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Federico - 2014-05-10

      Everything was perfect

    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Lisa - 2014-04-22

      We were really satisfied by the service provided by the property manager and Miami Habitat

    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      DECROI - 2013-02-25
      Our stay at Casa Gaby was good.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Jackie - 2012-01-30
      This was my first time staying at a vacation rental. It was really comfortable to have changes of sheets, towels and stuff you are used to having around. 
    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Andy Ruben - 2012-01-30
      I wish there were more tourist services offered in Casa Gaby but it was an overall good, comfortable stay.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Vanessa Rubi - 2012-01-30
      Everything I needed was handy and the location made it easy to enjoy all of the attractions around South Beach.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Manny - 2012-01-25
      I loved this unit. The entire property was very clean and intimate. Great experience!
    • Casa Gaby Unit: D
      Christina Castro - 2012-01-15
      It was the perfect location and such an adorable room. I was really pleased when I arrived and first saw the property.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Amanda - 2014-05-19

      Everything was perfect! Thank you!

    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Christopher Hamilton - 2013-01-18
      Thanks to Miami Habitat for facilitating a wonderful visit. Everything was provided as promised, and the complementary parking pass was very appreciated. I wish I could have stayed longer! Thanks again.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Gianni Monterrossi (Italy) - 2012-10-05
      I like tubs, the condo had only a shower, but the rest was excellent. I recommend to my fellow Italians.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Jeanne - 2012-08-28
      Our family had such a great time in Gaby. The apartment was large, decoration was tasteful. My 3 kids enjoy the pool so much, we enjoy it, and recommend this to families like ours. It was cheap and convenient.
      15:14 Oasis
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Laura - 2012-01-30
      The room was very comfortable and cute. I definitely plan to go back.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Clara - 2012-01-25
      Casa Gaby was good. You can walk to so many cool places from there.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      Tanya F. - 2012-01-21
      The staff was helpful and the rooms were clean and cozy.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: E
      The Rui family & Rita Fonseca - 2013-09-20

      We would like to thank all your staff from Miami habitat for the wonderful service and guidance that they have provided us, especially Daniel, Virginia and Pablo, for being so patient and helpful.
      We really enjoyed every single day at Casa Gabi and had a very fantastic time during these two weeks. We are also considering coming back in the next couple of years and hope to have the same warm and friendly service from this lovely team
      May god bless you all and may the Holy Spirit guide you every day of your life.

    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Christopher - 2014-04-01

      All good!

    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Tim Dux - 2013-02-19
      Our stay at Casa Gaby was excellent. Everything went perfectly well: from the booking process to the stay. The apartment was exactly what we asked for. Although the condition of the unit could be improved, everything was very clean and satisfactory. I will definitly recommend it to my friend and family.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Ricardo Sandy - 2013-01-18
      Thanks for helping us having the best experience of Miami! The unit was just perfect! We would definitely recommend you to other!
    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Fernando De Filippo - 2013-01-18
      We slept very well, the location on Michigan Avenue at the corner of the park and tennis courts and biking to the beach was very nice. It was quiet and comfortable. Thanks.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Paolo - 2012-07-12

      My wife and I spent such a nice vacations, the apartment was quiet, in a quiet street, we used the bikes at our disposal. The beach was at a 3 mn journey from la Casa. The pool was ours, we met some nice neighbors from Finland. Si Si Si, we recommend la Casa.
      Agency was nice, only problems were not speaking proper Italian.

    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Jessica - 2012-06-05

      The apartment was impeccable and I loved the building because it was private and secure. I spent all of my time in the pool area relaxing with my sister. Maid service was offered twice a week so I couldn’t expect more. Great experience!

    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Lissette P. - 2012-01-30
      I loved my stay in Casa Gaby. The pool area was my favorite part. It had a very cool, lounge-feel.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Adrian P. - 2012-01-25
      I really liked the ambiance of these rentals. It was very homey, yet cool.
    • Casa Gaby Unit: B
      Mike - 2013-02-20

      I stayed at Casa Gaby for one week last February 2013 during my vacation and I had a great time at the apartment. The stuff was very friendly with me when I did the reservation and the apartment had everything I needed even cleaning service. I remember the check out was at 10am a little bit early for me but I worked it out well. I’m looking forward to come back soon.


    • Parc Meridian Unit: 01
      Gilles Amsellem ( California) - 2012-02-19
      This apartment was not only very affordable but it was clean and very well located. After having tried a budget hotel in Miami Beach, I felt like a prince.
    • Ocean Place Unit: 3A
      Steve Mullins - 2013-02-22
      We had a very good experience in Miami Beach. Our Ocean Place unit was absolutely spotless and we didn't encounter any problems. Everything went very well and we will most likely rent a property with Miami Habitat again.
    • Villa Chateau
      Martin Larsen - 2013-01-18

      We had a very good experience in Miami and were very satisfied by the villa we booked. Everything was clean and the villa in itself was in good condition. We we’re not disappointed by our rental that fitted the description on the website. We did had some problems but the very friendly and helpful staff resolved it all very quickly. We were very satisfied by the way they resolved it. We would definitely advice friends and family that would stay in Miami to book a property through this company.

    • Villa Chateau
      Sheldon Williams - 2013-01-18
    • 2080 Ocean Drive Unit: 607
      Mike Brady - 2013-01-18
      It was a good experience to stay in Miami in this vacation rental. Since I found your website on the Internet, everything went fine, from booking to arrival. The house was exactly what I expected it to be, as I saw on pictures. I am especially happy with the staff that was very helpful and friendly.
    • 2080 Ocean Drive Unit: 607
      Family Johnson - 2013-01-18
      Spending these holidays in Miami was definitely the best experience ever! I’ve been completely charmed by your vacation rentals, everything was perfect. You can count on me to recommend you to my friends. I will never pay for hotel again after my experience with this great company.
    • Villa Paradise
      Sue Meyer - 2013-01-18
      Villa was very nice and we enjoyed our stay! Neighborhood is very nice as well! Garden and pool should also be cleaned before next costumer. As remark, the Air Conditioner was not working properly.

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