Short Term Vacation Rental Regulations Miami

South Beach Miami has seen a change in the rules for short term rentals. After much debate and discussion, the City of Miami will implement new regulations pertaining to short term rentals in different neighborhoods. Below is a summary of the new regulations for different types of short term rentals in Miami.

Homes in Single family districts in Miami Beach
Short term rentals for less than 6 months are prohibited. This applies to Miami Beach, Star Island, Hibiscus Islands, Venetian Islands, Biscayne Point and South Beach.

Homes in Multiple family residential districts In Miami Beach
Only “grandfathered” short term rental operators (those who practiced before the execution of the new law) may operate short term rentals. A license will be required.

Apartments/condos in commercial districts in Miami Beach
Condo buildings in Miami Beach commercial districts (Washington Avenue, Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive, etc.) are allowed to rent short term rentals as long as their condo documents approve it. A license is required to operate short term rentals.

Municipalities that allow vacation home rentals:
Parts of the City of Miami
Coral Gables
Key Biscayne

Municipalities with exceptions for “grandfathered” rights:
North Miami
North Miami Beach

• Municipalities where vacation rentals are not allowed:
Miami Beach (South Beach included)
Bay Harbor
Bal Harbour