Parking at the Port of Miami

If your going on a vacation cruise that departs from the Port of Miami, you may want to find a spot to safely park your car for the length of the cruise. One option is to park it at your Miami Beach lodging and take a cab to the Port.
Whether you are coming from the airport or from your Miami Beach lodging, parking at the Port of Miami is an option. It will cost you $20 per day for long-term parking.

If someone is taking you from your Miami Beach lodging or the airport to the Port, they can park in temporary parking at the Port of Miami for $7, but no overnight parking is possible in this case.

Different rates apply for larger vehicles parking at the Port of Miami (recreational vehicles, oversized van, vehicles with trailers).

The Port of Miami offers free parking at the Port of Miami to disabled people (subject to change without notice).

There are 5,871 parking spots; 56 of them are reserved for the handicapped and 7 are reserved for passengers with an infant.

For more information, visit the Port of Miami website, /directions_parking.asp