How to detect/avoid Scams in Vacation rentals Miami

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Though the internet provides us with mostly conveniences, information and quick communication, it is also a place where scam artists prey. There is fraudulent activity going on all the time on the internet and over time, that fraudulent activity has made its way into the online travel industry. Just one example is the scam artists who trick unsuspecting travelers into paying them for a Miami vacation rental that either does not belong to them or is completely made up. Look out for signs of fraud attempts. Some of the signs that will help you detect and avoid fraud are:

• Be cautious when browsing free classifieds

You can definitely find properties posted by many (real) owners on free online classifieds but unfortunately, these sites are populated with scam artists as well. Free classifieds such as or are a way that scam artists may operate and not have to lose any money and there is no one to verify the properties.

• Check reputation of rental company
Renting from a company is less risky because you can easily check the company’s credentials. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and travel forums.

Call the agent and ask plenty of questions.
Real owners know their vacation rentals property down to the smallest detail. Beware of any hesitation in answering your questions. Keep calling back with questions until you feel confident that the owner is legit.

• Paperwork

Make sure that you sign a real contract indicating what it is that you have reserved. You may request proof of ownership

• Beware of vacation rentals listings without photos
If there are only a few pictures of the holiday rentals property in the listing, request them from the owner. The owner should have photos of the vacation rentals property from every angle.