Travel between US and neighboring countries

The lodging Miami rentals in the city of Miami is the ideal place to enjoy great holidays in the sunny state of Florida. The location of lodging Miami rentals is perfect for exploring Florida's main attractions, but also to travel between the US and neighboring countries such as Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. If you want to travel between the US and neighboring countries by air, whether you're a U.S./Canadian citizen or not, you must have a passport, U.S. Merchant Marine document and/or Trusted Traveler Cards as NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST. In addition, you must submit identification and proof of citizenship with at least one of the following documents: U. S passport, U. S. passport card, State issued Enhanced Driver’s License or U.S. Military identification with Military Travel Orders. Fortunately, there are many affordable lodging Miami rentals that make traveling to other places possible. For more information on travel between the US and neighboring countries, please visit the official website at