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Miami is a major city in southeastern Florida, in the United States. It is the county seat of Miami-Dade County. Miami is a gamma world city with an estimated population of 404,048. Miami's importance as an international financial and cultural center has elevated Miami to the status of world city. Because of Miami's cultural and linguistic ties to North, South, and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, Miami is many times referred to as "The Gateway of the Americas." Miami in the past three decades have become one of the most visited cities in the Americas. Visitors can stay in Miami hotels or may rather decide to stay in one of Miami vacation rentals. Miami has the perfect conditions to be your next gateway vacation; it has a true tropical climate with hot, humid summers, and warm, dry winters. If you visit Miami you will never want to leave. Visitor might save their time and energy and change their hotel lodging decision to one on edge lodging condo rental in Miami. The weather is perfect, Most of the year is warm and humid, and the summers are almost identical to the climate of the Caribbean tropics. There are lots of reasons to visit Miami- the beaches and weather, business conventions, and awesome attractions to name a few.

The three most popular districts among visitors to Miami are South Beach, Bayside Marketplace, and Coco-Walk. Miami is surpassed only by New York City and Los Angeles in numbers of foreign visitors, attracting 5.3 million from Europe, Canada, and South America. Tourism is one of the mainstays of Miami's economy, and it continues to grow steadily, and Miami vacation is still one of the most popular around the world.

Florida's large Spanish-speaking population and strong economic ties to Latin America also make Miami and the surrounding region an important center of the Hispanic world. If you need to do business in Miami, an apartment vacation rental will be your best option. If you are a leisure traveler in group or family a villa rental in Miami will be your perfect option. Warm weather, sunshine, abundant beaches, and a wide variety of entertainment are among the elements that your family or group will enjoy.

Miami International Airport:
Miami International Airport is among the busiest airports in the world. There are over eighty airlines serving MIA to approximately 150 destinations around the globe. Find everything you need to know about new airport security measures, list of timesaving tips, information on assistance for special needs and other information that will help guide you smoothly through the security process.

Miami Maps:

We have made it our business to help people find their way around, while helping you find out some of the area's best attractions. After all, we know how very much there is to do in South Florida and we don't want you to waste a single second "looking around" for the right place to go.

Weather in Miami:

Greater Miami enjoys a subtropical climate that ensures plenty of sunshine all year round. Sun protection is advised, even when temperatures are moderated by cool ocean breezes. Not as hot as you might think!

Things to do in Miami:

Such range and so much possibility – for both spirit and appetite – ultimately impart to Miami a semblance of meaning that it neither needs nor demands. The city's allure remains independent of attempts to quantify it, and regardless of the effort, satisfaction comes with just experiencing it.

Miami Shopping:

Shopping is not unknown in Miami. You can find the most fine stores and malls in the city. If you are looking for the ultimate fashion look or simple beach wear we are sure you will find your needs in Miami.

Miami neighborhoods:
Miami is a multicultural city is quite diverse and the atmosphere changes from area to area. Miami requires the account of a dozen very different neighborhoods.

Miami Real Estate:
The Miami Dade real estate market attracts both national and international buyers. Miami has also become a popular destination for primary and second home buyers. Now with interest rates at their lowest and homes at 2002-2003 prices, its a buyer's market and the perfect time to by a home.

Best of Miami Nightlife:

Miami nightlife is hotter than the city itself with swanky hotel lounges, trendy restaurant bars, sexy Gentlemen’s Clubs and numerous nightclubs that are famous all around the world. Whether you're ready to dance all night, mingle with the rich and famous or just see and be seen, the city that doesn’t sleep has you covered.

Top 10 Miami Restaurants:
As the commercial, cultural capital of the Americas, Miami’s dining scene reflects burgeoning diversity, mixing exotic newcomer restaurants with long-standing institutions, often seasoned by Latin influence and hot winds of the Caribbean.

Miami’s bars and nightclubs are world famous due to the ever increasingly amount of influx into the city, and its fun, party atmosphere. Miami is also a place where a large number of celebrities live, vacation, and party, adding to the chic and excitement of Miami nightlife.

The Greater Miami area is full of attractions for all ages. With tourism as its backbone, pulsating Miami has evolved from a sleepy outpost near Florida’s Everglades into a world-class cosmopolitan metropolis bursting with attractions, watersports, nightlife and shopping.

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