Mansion Miami - Things to do at night Miami Beach



Washington Avenue
Miami Beach,
FL 33139
(305) 695-8411
Mansion South Beach is part of the Opium Group, which operates five of Miami’s top nightclubs, which also includes Mokai Lounge, Opium Garden, Privé, and SET. The club, located in the center of the most luxurious vacation rentals in Miami, is known for its ability to attract the rich and famous – from the United States and abroad. Mansion in South Beach is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 PM until 5 AM. The club really doesn’t start jumping until after midnight. If you’re arriving from a nearby vacation rental in Miami, you can simply walk to the club; however, parking is available at a garage and on the street. Valet parking is also available.
Dancing and music
Most patrons enjoyed the music style, pointing out that it was definitely “danceable.” The dance floor can get over-crowded, although the bouncers try to keep it reasonable. One Yelp reviewer felt that “the house was comfortably packed where you can walk and dance” without bumping into others. The atmosphere is extremely loud, which is perfect for dancing and ideal if you “don't care much for names or small talk.”
The bouncers were “incredibly polite and efficient,” but one patron was upset that a middle-aged woman in jeans and sandals permitted entrance. Another reviewer commented that the bar staff is amazing and the DJs “always get the crowd going.” It is the staff that is responsible for the energetic feeling of the Mansion.
Come into the Mansion expecting to pay not only for your drinks, but for the atmosphere, the A-list crowd, and the dancing. Reviewers who were not prepared for the prices complained that it is “very overpriced.” One person was upset that the tip was included in the bill, so she ended up tipping twice for what she felt was mediocre service.
The club is decorated in a unique style, including sensual images, scantily-clad women doing aerobatics on ribbons from the ceiling or climbing on mesh, and people dressed in metallic outfits dancing on the balconies.  One reviewer was impressed by the television images and commented on the “trippy lighting.”