China Grill restaurant Miami Beach - Top ten restaurants Miami

Unlike most, China Grill is a more personal, stimulating experience, and one of the city’s most high profile gathering places. Great services, attention to details, and a sophisticated, additions ambiance are the ideal backdrop for the finely tuned Pan-Asian concept cuisine. Its fun, it’s energetic, there are enough barstools to go around, and the massive piles of Far Eastern cuisine are served in a uniquely personal way family style. That's what makes China Grill a popular locale for out-of-towners and locals alike.

China Grill provides a globe-spanning culinary adventure in a spectacular setting. While Asian flavors & techniques are an influence, the menu is labeled as "World Cuisine" with virtually every dish prepared on either grills or woks using ingredients gathered from pantries around the globe. Portions are generous, dramatically presented & meant to be shared family style. Spectacular architectural settings including an exhibition kitchen in the center of the restaurant are also part of the China Grill magic, creating a place to see & be seen. China Grill is known as much for the company it keeps as it is for its bold inventions that are not necessarily Chinese in nature, as the name implies. The restaurant brims with an eclectic group of celebrities, families, business leaders & elegant as well as casual diners.

Restaurant info:
China Grill
Address: 404 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA
Phone: (305) 534-2211

Hours: Lunch: Mon - Fri (12pm - 6pm) Dinner: Sun - Thur (6pm - midnight), Fri - Sat (6pm - 1am)
Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, French, Chinese, and American ingredients intermingle flawlessly in entrees served in oversized portions intended for sharing.
Appetizers: from $15, Entrees: from $28